About Elsoms Trees

Elsoms Trees offers more than just the supply of young plants.

We will assist you at an early planning stage in the selection of species and collection of the appropriate seed.

At our nursery we will organise the growing and supply of​ 1 to 3 year old plants to the highest environmental standards, and agreed​ specification.

Unlike conventional plant suppliers, we will identify, support and encourage the use of local nursery facilities to ensure local accountability and plant health. We offer advice and support in all aspects of plant production and seed collecting, as well as complying with all current legislation requirements, including plant traceability and bio security.

We work closely with commercial and private sector partnerships and also with trusts by securing seed from their land, their plants are secured for the future.

Our team consists of family members and contacts who have many years of experience and success in delivering the ‘right seed, right plants, right place.’